Phrenicea - A Quick Snapshot!

Glimpse the future at, a 21st-century prophecy predicting the ultimate outcome of the Internet and biotechnology revolutions.

Phrenicea — a contraction of the words phrenic (of the mind) and panacea (cure all), presents a futuristic scenario that turns today’s progress into tomorrow’s simplicity — extrapolating from the frenetic pace of change.

Imagine: the retirement of all our gadgets; a world population content to live — not just work — in 8-foot-square cubicles; the disappearance of money, as financial transactions are stored on a man-made 24th-chromosome pair. Imagine the extinction of reading and writing, along with cars, jets and banks.

Phrenicea is food for thought. Incidentally, they'll be no fresh food either in the "Age of Phrenicea."